Care & Maintenance

Teak is a naturally hard-wearing and long-lasting wood. With a little care and maintenance, you should be enjoying your Wiltshire Teak furniture for many years to come.


Teak requires limited or no maintenance to withstand weathering. However, over time, the sun will bleach the original brownish colour and a new silver-grey surface will appear. Many connoisseurs of teak wood prefer the silver-grey patina while others prefer to keep the original colour. If you choose to preserve the original, we recomend using Teak Sealer Oil. Note that this is a different product to Teak Oil. We do not recommend using Teak Oil – it will not prolong the life of your Wiltshire Teak furniture but may cause black spots or blemishes.

Don’t be alarmed if small cracks appear in the end-grain of timbers. They are perfectly natural and you need not worry – as the moisture in the atmosphere rises, the timber will return to normal. You may also see white patterns appear. These are simply calcium deposits which are an intrinsic element of teak. They do not affect the durability, performance or life expectancy of the furniture.


Cleaning Teak

For regular cleaning of teak, use Wood Cleaner. To remove patina or heavier dirt, we recommend Wood Reviver.

Stains and spillages on the wood should be absorbed with kitchen paper as soon as they occur and then washed away afterwards with soapy water. General grime accumulates on furniture and this should be washed away with a light soapy detergent. Any residual marks may be removed with a little light sanding using very fine sandpaper.


Other Maintenance

After teak furniture has been in use for a period of time or has dried out, it may be necessary to tighten the screws. Use a Torx wrench and moderate torque to achieve this.

Extending tables and folding chairs should be opened and closed regularly to prevent moving parts seizing up. The application of a little lubricant on a cloth passed over the runners will help to smooth the process.

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